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The Tengco Enterprise Network Group of Companies (T.E.N.-G.Co.) is a progressively-growing mother conglomeration of many known corporations in various fields and industries. This mother company was built to help create a multitude of business entities that will serve the public in all manners and forms. Currently, there are TEN companies under Tengco Enterprise Network.

The TEN companies cover the fields of health care and advanced medicine, martial arts, automotive, IT solutions and business development and tri-media.

The Center for Health Restoration is a premier medical facility in the Philippines with European medical standards backed up by American medical management. It was founded by a medical team based in Florida, U.S.A. to render cutting-edge technology in the field of Medical Science. Utilizing state-of-the-art procedures in Integrative Medicine, Center for Health Restoration uses the integration of conventional and alternative medicine to reach a high success rate in all of the treatment modalities.

TANK (Tengco’s Academy of Ninkenpo) is a martial arts school that teaches Ninkenpo, an extremely deadly martial arts, based on science of combat. Ninkenpo is a synergy of Mongolian Martial Arts, Shaolin Kenpo, Mongolian Kempo, Ancient Chuanfa, Judo, Jiujitsu, Taichi Chuan and Kungfu. It was founded by a 9th Dan Black Belt in the art of Mongolian Kempo, 7th Dan in Shaolin Kenpo and 5th Dan in Ancient Chuanfa, Grandmaster T. While a lot wants to study this rare art, students cannot enroll openly. Students are chosen. That is what makes this art rare.

Autophile.Ph is an automotive enterprise which is divided into five distinct divisions: Autophile Advertising, Autophile Events, Autophile Media, Autophile Sports and Autophile Solutions. Autophile Advertising is a mixture of several elements: online car buy and sell arena, car discussion boards, comprehensive car parts and repair shops directory, extensive unified car clubs forum, car shows and events centralized organization and car online magazine. Autophile Events is a car events and carshows organizing department of the company. Autophile Media provides digital magazines for all enthusiasts. We currently have three magazine titles, each with a different niche to cater to: Autophile Vintage for classic car lovers, Autophile Luxury for those who love exquisite cars and Autophile Femme for those who adore beauty. Autophile Sports handles the company’s teams: Autophile ROAS Triathlon Team, Autophile Gunsports and Autophile Racing Team. Lastly, Autophile Solutions provide the best mobile apps for the car enthusiasts to enjoy and for car companies to use. The latest mobile app that we have launched is Autophile Empire, the very FIRST SOCIAL MEDIA FOR CARS. Autophile.ph is a platform dedicated in empowering & protecting car buyers & sellers to do online & offline transactions in the safest & easiest way.

PARA Corporation is the huge corporation that is known for PickApp mobile app. The aim of PARA Corporation is to be the needle that will sew all modes of land transportation together.

Technology Engineering Corporation (TengCorp) is the manufacturer of Poweroil, a series of automotive lubricants known and utilized by European carmakers.

The Euro Nations Garage Collection is the country’s first European garage museum. This museum contains the private collection of Dr. Chris consisting of about 100 European cars. Brands such as Porsche, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Volvo, Volkswagen, Mini, Land Rover, Morris, Fiat, Jaguar, Renault, Peugeot and Alfa Romeo can be seen in this marvelous museum.

Euro United Corporation is an Association of all European car clubs in the Philippines. It is an automotive community of all European car brands where car lovers, car owners, car sellers and car shop owners merge to mingle about the Euro cars in general.

TengcoLogics Technologic Creations is a thinktank corporation. It is an IT company that creates startup companies, builds a wide variety of mobile applications and engages on all sorts of new technology. TengcoLogics has provided a lot of businesses a profitable edge in the fields of business development, marketing, strategics and technology. MPart is currently being developed by the company to be its very own premier project in the field of performing arts.

Reelgasm is a movie enthusiast’s dream-come-true. It contains film reviews, movie features and all sorts of data that makes it a combination of Wikipedia, IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. It is the Tripadvisor of TV and Movie shows.

Tengco Media Group is the umbrella corporation that contains Tengco Films, Tengco Print and Tengco Radio. Under TMG, WRP Radiophile was born. WRP Radiophile Internet Radio is a growing internet radio station making a name for itself in the Philippines and abroad. The station was established on March 15, 2017 to cater to the listeners’ satisfaction and enhance their experience through diversity and high-quality free-form programming. The radio station has gained the recognition of people in all walks of life and also from popular bands such as Calla Lily, Rivermaya, South Border, True Faith and other known celebrities. WRP Radiophile provides a wide range of musical entertainment. The station’s musical diversity is what sets it apart from other radio stations. The music solely depends on the individual creativity of the DJ and its listeners. The company prioritizes the listeners’ satisfaction, thus the slogan “Your music, our choice”. Being an internet-based radio station, the program reaches a larger and wider reach of audience. The station encourages its listeners to embrace digital technology and enhance their musical experience through interaction. We go and cover different events such as Car shows, movie premieres, conventions, parties, mini-concerts. We also do live guesting of prominent people in the music and showbiz scene and interviews them. WRP Radiophile aims to build a growing internet presence and eventually become the leading internet radio station in the Philippines and abroad.

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